I am going to try enjoy the ocean today I am lathered up in SPF 50 I am...

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  • Have a great time. I miss Lanikai & Kailua beaches in Hawaii. Enjoy

  • Enjoy!!

  • I use spf 110 it definitely works

  • I just spent a week in Panama City, and the sun has left little bumps on my arms. I used a 50 every 30 min. Be safe!

  • I've been told that anything over 45 is useless. Doesn't protect anymore than that.

  • If I lived near the ocean I would be in trouble as I love the sound and relaxation it gives me

  • We just moved to GA. never lived near the ocean before now. So I understand the feeling of wanting to enjoy the ocean. Have a great time.

  • Heloplex is the most important ingredient in sunscreen. There is also a sunscreen pill you can get called Heloplex from pharmacy. My dermatologist recommend it. It works well also for with the lotion

  • Girl, u should have neutrogena spf 100, i use it everyday. Its a bit pricey but works great and doesnt smell!

  • Thanks everyone, I used Spf 50 & I had a very itchy night. Next time I will try Heloplex & Neutrogena Spf 100.