I am also dealing with a mouth ulcers though I always prefer my mouth rather...

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  • Yes it's common for many flare/ Behcet's pattern flare/ menstrual cycle. Some use BC of some kind to help with it.

    Many use medical marijuana in the group. Happy it helps you in the pain journey.

  • Yes I flare right around the time of my period.

    The other day I smoked half a joint and it made my erythma nodosum go away, immediately, this has never happened before but I was pleasantly surprised.

  • It's crazy. I don't smoke anymore - especially now with my mouth and throat is super soar. So I've turn to edibles. Today I had a milkshake with chocolate cannabis syrup to help with cramps and pain. And the lotions help on the ulcers on my back and legs.

  • I'm happy some are finding relief with medical marijuana.

  • A flare is pretty much always triggered by an oncoming cycle.

  • In the very beginning of my diagnostic process we discovered this, and my family dr says he's seen it with plenty of autoimmune diseases. I take continuous BC for this very reason. In doing so, I have reduced my flare triggers.

  • Yes on all of the above. Exactly the same situation right now. I'm trying to not stop with my birth control and see if it will help. Any of you tried it?

    I also stopped eating sugar as I read it can be a trigger...

    Good luck. Try slow juices, and fresh made soups next to your smoothies. Soup is very easy to make but you will get your vitamins!

  • Does anyone use the CBD spray for there mouth ulcers? I use the CBD lotion for my body but I am wondering if it helps spraying the ulcers directly

  • I have the same issue! :/ I'm curious also to the answer to Laili Reinders' question: has birth control helped anyone?

    Also, super cold Greek yogurt and Popsicles do wonders for me! Good luck ❤️

  • Redbush (rooibos) tea with raw honey is a life saver for me as well. Immediately softens my pain. I drink it all day!

  • I've used oils on my ulcers directly, and it helps me! The pain is reduced to where I can eat

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz I also live in Washington and I do use MMJ for my pain. Been using it for the last 4-5 years and it has helped tremendously. Have you looked at getting your medical license for MMJ? It lets you grow which allows you to have access to lots of other types of MMJ other than what the rec shops have. I have also been on birth control pills for the last 8 years to help prevent vaginal ulcers and it works wonders. I haven't had a period in years and almost never get ulcers down their either.

  • What's BC?

  • Birth control

  • I'm going to try an oil based salve now, thanks for the good ideas.