Humor for you all

Betting For Body Parts: An offshoot of the immensely popular Texas Hold’em poker game, ‘Betting For Body Parts’ utilizes standard chips that feature the joints, muscles, and organs most commonly affected by autoimmune disease and chronic pain. Game play is strictly poker based: a pair of aces beats a pair of twos, a straight beats a flush, four of a kind beats anything… The key is in the way you place bets. Players bet by ‘asking’ for something they need as featured on a chip. (I need a T10 vertebra. I fractured mine and it's just not going to be the same again.) A player calls a bet with a need (chip) of their own. Winners get the part they need. (Doctors are standing by.) *These events usually have very limited seating. Book your tickets in advance!

I encourage all of you in the chronic illness world to check out these awesome new games-made with us in mind-when planning your next social event!

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