how to start a proper routine or exercises when you are already in so much pain

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  • Take biologic. It will reduce pain then start exercise

  • As your pain is severe,So there is no other way except biologics.First start with biologics & with passage of time when your pain will be little subsidised,Make yoga & pranayam is the daily routine of the day along with swimming.

  • Others are right here. Dnt stop medication on your own. Talk to your doctor about biologics. It will do wonders

  • Kushagra Jain........... what are your x-rays saying. have you seen bone over growth in your hip joints x-ray...........??? pain is a common denominator in ankylosing ,so thats ok. what your x-rays say,is more which blood tests have you done ?????? hows your digestion & and motions ,any acidity ?????

  • havent had a xray since long.. crp esr is considerably low after proper diet.. gluten and dairy free plus supplements.. digestion is ok until i follow diet if i deviate it turns bad.. if i take a nsaid then there is no pain anywhere.. so i guess its just pain.. and as per ralph its emotions..

  • If it's emotions, why don't you try hypnotherapy to get rid of them.

  • Kushagra Jain.............. i am asking again, what do your x-rays say. i care two hoots about emotions right now. in your case ,you need to focus on stopping further progression of ankylosing & ARE YOU DOING PHYSIOTHERAPY ???????

  • i have recently stopped it coz it was not helping me at all even after months of physio and chiro pain levels were only increasing..

  • tried that .. it helped alot in changing the perspective and approach to life.. but stil at the end pain is pain.. it keeps bringing down..

  • Can you access a heated pool to very gently begin range of motion movement?

  • doesnt have that anywhere