How quickly can you increase your LDN dose I have been on 1 5 mg for about a...

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  • Mood energy does increase fast :) ask pharmacy or Dr....some go up within a week....or ten days.

  • Thank you!

  • I just started at 4.5. No issues.

  • Having been on LDN for a week you can increase your dose. Usually people increase by 0.5mg and stay there for a week. This way you can have an idea of which dose between 1.5-4.5mg suited you the most.

  • Hmmm...I only have pills and they are 1.5 mg each so I guess I would have to open pills and dilute in water if I wanted to do that?

  • Yes you could do that or you could just try 3mg and see how you get on? If for whatever reason you don't feel the benefits you feel now, then you can try opening them up and trying a lower dose. No harm in trying 3mg first.

  • Okay thanks! I think I will do that!

  • I went up 0.5 every week until i got to 4.5 with no problems.