How many of your kiddos also have stomach constipation issues We are very new...

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  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz, what is CVID? Also, he has had another black stool this morning. BEFORE the Miralax.

  • CVID is an immune dificiency. My son doesn't have a proper immune system. And Zayne kept having black stool even on Miralax, it finally turned normal once the gastritis cleared and he wasn't so backed up. They almost admitted my son to do a procedure to clear him out he was that backed up.

  • oh, thanks for explaining. My son was tested for immune deficiency and when the labwork came back they said he doesn't have primary immune deficiency, but he does have an extremely low immune system. And then the fevers started and we were swept away on this new journey.

  • Aw, Zayne was diagnosed with PID first then then JRA the 31st of March. It's been a crazy journey.

  • I was gonna say gastritis also. Both my children that are on anti inflammatories have it. They both get black stools when there is an active bleed in their stomach.

  • A lot of JA kids have GI issues, too - like they need something else to deal with! My older daughter has had major constipation issues for much of her life, we got a JIA diagnosis 5.5 years ago, and GI issues have gotten way worse since. Maybe when you see the rheumy he'll refer you to a GI doc.

  • We have already been referred. Just one more specialist to add to the list. Thanks everyone for the comments. It really does help to have each other, doesn't it?

  • Enbrel had caused those kind of issues for my daughter. DR said Enbrel is worse for tummies, Humira and Remicade are better for tummies. Auto immune folks can also get Crohn's.

  • We have a lot of constipation issues too :(

  • Tomorrow we see the Rheumatologist and the GI specialist, both for the first time. I am armed with pictures of the swelling and the rash. I didn't take pictures of the black poo LOL