How many of you have had shingles twice

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  • Oh Beth I so feel for you. Glad you got your trip in though. Xx

  • Me too ❤

  • Me. 3 times. Utterly debilitating

  • Prayers!

  • Prayers for you!!

  • I can say it surely stinks

  • Oh no not again Beth! This is just not fair my pineapple friend!

  • So sorry to hear :-( I have had three rounds so far.

  • Three times me as well sending hugs xxxxxx

  • Four times. The first time was horrible because I thought I was having a back issue, and it was full blown when I was finally diagnosed. It took almost three months to heal. My daughter is just getting over her third outbreak since July. Shingles are the pits!!! A pain like you will never mistake again after once getting it.

  • Poor you. My partner had it once and he is usually quite strong and muscles through stuff but this hit him sideways. I tjink it's one of those things that stays in the system a while and have immune problems is not gonna help. Can you get anti - viral medications. I know they work if caught early. Get well soon. X