How does your doctor decide when to change drugs Our normal Doctor is...

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  • If she has stiffness that doesn't subside....that's certainly something to be concerned about.

  • Don't back down!! Yes they are doctors but you are mom!! Moms have a certain type of way to know something is NOT right!! Push for what you think is best!! Keep us updated.

  • This is a difficult question to answer. Stiffness that continues, ongoing inflammation, and pain are definitely worrisome, and I would definitely look to your ped rheumy for their insight. We were recently told also that despite medication preventing joint damage, symptoms may persist. That is when an Nsaid or other support medication may be used if your child is able to take them.

  • And that is why they call it "practicing" medicine.

  • Are both doctors pediatric rheumatologists?

  • yes...two different hospitals. I wanted to transfer to a doctor closer to home, but after this we will continue to

    he drive to Atlanta.