How does everyone make their bone broth I bake my beef bones for an hour and I...

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  • Luke I add as many vegetables as I can (carrots, celery, leeks, onions, shallots, dried porcini mushrooms plus loads of fresh herbs) and this makes all the difference to the taste. I also do shorter cook times because I can't handle the long cooking time (too hard on my gut). I also just add enough water to cover the meat and veg, too much dilution makes it taste blah. My fave bones are chicken carcasses and necks, lamb necks and bones, or beef marrow. I don't bake the bones first unless we've had a roast in which case I save the bones and add to broth. Chicken skin adds good flavour too.

  • Anne-Marie, how often do you make new broth? Seems like you don't make much at a time. Thank you for all the advice.

  • I make it once or twice a week because I'm doing GAPS (which is very broth intensive!). As long as you have a good layer of fat at the top of the jars you store it in it will easily keep up to ten days. You can add extra fat to create a seal (melted duck fat or coconut oil, tallow etc). The only disclaimer to this is if you are sensitive to histamine which a lot of people with damaged guts are - in this case I would only store up to three days or otherwise freeze.

  • check out my venison broth - this was the best ever!!

  • I use a pressure cooker for an hour to keep cooking time to a minimum and keep histamine lower. I haven't tried veggies with the pressure cooker, but found with the slow cooker that adding them the whole time made for a caramelized veggie flavor, adding them at the end was more of a soup flavor. Just depends what you like.

  • Is there a test to see if I'm histamine sensitive?

  • I use the instant pot for 2 hours with 2 tablespoons of vinegar and salt.

  • This article explains it well ou-need-to-know-about-histamine-intolerance.html. For me it's hayfever symptoms or hives, I'm finding as my gut heals I can tolerate high histamine foods that used to cause me problems

  • Thank you!

  • i simply clean the bones, add them into the pressure cooker, then add water along with onion and garlic. Then i cook it on a low flame for 3-4 hours. Clear the soup from the bones, store in a glass container and refrigerate it for atleast 12 hours. the liquid takes the shape of jelly. Bone broth ready. For intake, I simply do the tempering of tumeric, black pepper, ginger in mustard oil. After 2-3 boils, its ready for intake.

  • Bones, cartilage, skin, water, Bragg's apple cider vinegar....crock pot....24 hours on low. I season after. Using veggies in that long cook I feel just wastes them as all nutritional value is killed in such a long cook. I'll add veggies to part of it after with a short cook for whatever (soup, gravy, stews, etc). But basically I keep it plain & simple so can be used in a variety of ways. No way am I doing feet or other weird parts....I just can't bring myself to do that, no way, no how. No.

  • Feet have great amount of collagen!!! You're missing out! Lol