How do I find a Dr who is familiar with this I live in a small town and I am...

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  • Rheumatologists are the most familiar with autoimmune diseases. It may be that you will have to go to a larger town to find one that knows about Sjogrens. Do lots of research, and go to your appointment armed with information and questions.

  • my rhuem.(ex) only treats deformitys he told me to come back when i grew some i have autoimmune hep now and a gastro doc who SUCKS!!!! not sure whats going on inside of me but my docs make me not care if i live or die...why r they so mean ?? my eye doc told

    me the most info about sjogrens and now i am going to an otolarangolist(sp) for the polyps in my throat etc....I live in maine and am on medicaid insurance keep gettin denied disability so no income...maybe thats why docs dont like me...and the go armed with info suggestion/ i have to make them feel everything is their idea .and stick to 1 or 2 issues//i live with all the issues but they cant even listen to all the issues in one sitting...wish the ranting made me feel better... oh well its probly the prednisone.

  • SOunds like my expeieince trying to find docotrs in Ark. They don't want to be involved with diseases they don;t know about and the people they hand you off to are the same way. I have been here 2 months and not gotten to see a rhuemy or a pain mgmt dr. I did see two GP, one who decided he should alter my meds based on his opinions about one of my meds that works well for me. The second one informed me he didn't think I should be given pain meds and still be allowed to drive on the road with his wife and kids. Ignoring the fact that I am a single mother of 3 in a new town with no familiy or friends. I am cautious with my meds but he made it clear that he didn't buy that. WHen I am in pain it is hard for me to be a good mother