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  • We didn't have that discussion for a long time. Many of the sports that she started out loving, she grew to associate with pain (ankle & foot pain). It amazes me that she could tolerate such blinding pain and still want to participate in life. Kids are pretty awesome.

  • We are preparing for surgery on Monday. This weekend is my son's birthday and his original plan (before diagnosis in early August) was a lazer tag/paint ball party. Instead we cut a deal w/a friend who has a limo service and last night he picked up my son and 6 other friends and drove them to get burgers and then ice cream and back to our house for a marathon video game party. It was great to see my son having so much fun and being the center of an activity that was not limited because of his brace and crutches. We bought puzzles and books on tape for his post surgery rest time. He also LOVES minecraft.

  • Maureen, please let us know how surgery goes and what they do. What kind of brace does he have? We have appointment on Friday to find out the recomendations....I'm sure you said it before but is his one knee or both?

  • So glad that he was able to have a great time and celebrate with his friends. best of luck on Monday. Keep us posted!!

  • Hi Terri. It is in one knee. He is using a hinge lock dial brace (set at 55 degrees). First doc recommended conservative treatment. He also told us the same thing about the wheelchair if it turned out to be in both knees. We sought a second opinion w/ an adolescent knee specialist. He recommended surgery and said even if it had been in both knees he would not recommend the wheelchair. He is very concerned about the other muscles suffering in the process so he does one at a time. He doesn't want the brace after surgery - just 6 weeks of crutches and moving as soon as he can. I agree w/Rachel. Seek another opinion if you can. Let us know what you hear on Friday.

  • Maureen, what surgery is he having? We are getting very little information on rehabbing timeline for our daughter's foot. I'm curious what you are being told for movement and mobility post-surgical.

  • He is having the arthoscopy, drilling of the distal femur. Post surgery he is to rest 7 days (no school) and then 5 weeks on crutches (no brace). If all goes well then 6 weeks of physical therapy no crutches.

  • how old is he?

  • 11 but will be 12 tomorrow.

  • My daughter was on crutches after drilling for 6 weeks.