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  • I was a work aholic and had to learn to do work around house in halfs or thirds how ever the pain and energy is.then cant plan have to see how I wake up what kind of shape im in.my family still doesn't understand it yet.like what time are u coming. some days take longer to get ready and bring things than others since im aging more!!!!

  • I always get told but your too young, mine started @ 18 n has progressed every yearxx

  • I chipped part of my right knee cap off when I was 16 doing a roundoff, misjudged quite a bit. Horrible pain and the fluid they kept wanting to drain with that huge needle! Once was the only chance they got!! Feels like cotton stuffed around my knee along with the pain!

  • BTW Welcome Claire.

  • Welcome Claire.

  • Yeah, both knees at the same time, we were doing a local gymnastics display (I was 15) and it was a balance pyramid, the girl who came on after me, overbalances, and knocked me over, and i fell down, smack both knees at the same time just outside of the crashmats... chipped my elbow too... the sad thing is, none of it was ever treated (long story but a heady mix of bad parents and alcohol) and the kneecaps set themselves back in place (wrongly!) I only realised how bad theyd been damaged during the bone scan and op 6 years later and by then, it was too late :'(

  • Co-codamol is a strong prescription only painkiller in the UK Linda ;)

  • Ah Michelle so you will know how irritating it gets with the 'young' thing, like people think you're making it up!! I often get accosted by the more... mature folk, when im on a bad day and i park in a disabled bay... they think i've robbed my badge off someone!! and Dena ive been offered THAT needle... I subsequently offered to tell them where they could shove it... and it was not in my knee!! lol

  • Yep claire, what bugs me is just because people dont know whats up with you and im sat on bus 99% of the time il get up for someone but on the odd time when i wont get up the looks i get as if im the only one on the bus !

  • I was diagnosed with RA at 13 and I am now 42 and boy do I struggle every day. I have pain 24/7 and cant remember life before pain. I understand your frustration and know kind of how you feel. If you ever need to talk or vent I am a good listener. I hope you stay strong and know that you are not alone :)