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  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz hope this helps to answer some of your questions about the cancer risk of RT.

  • Thank you Leslie that does make me feel a bit better I have to say, just worried I'm jumping the gun a bit early, I was only diagnosed last week and the nodules I only noticed about a month or so ago, now they are on the left hand & I think I can feel 3 cords on that hand that weren't there a week ago

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz in answer to your question about whether or not you might be proceeding too quickly with the RT given you were only diagnosed a week ago. As you correctly guessed, there is no test, like a blood biomarker ....yet, to determine who will have a more aggressive course of the disease. If you have diathesis - presence of the disease in both hands, and a foot or two feet and one hand (in other words - more than one area), if you have early age of onset - around 50 or younger and you have family members with the disease (however it can skip generations), then you may have a more aggressive course of the disease. You can absolutely watch and wait. Our friend Denise Gardner Brown has decided to watch and wait. One thing to think about is if you have rapidly developing cords and nodules and have itching and pain, you have active disease. This is the time when the disease is most sensitive to RT and has the best chance of working to halt progression. What happens if you wait? If you have contracture, you can get that corrected and then have RT. If you wait and your fibromas in your foot get bigger they may or may not diminish in size. Remember, the goal of RT is to halt progression. Any regression of disease is jsut a bonus and is not uniformly the experience of all patients who have RT. It's one of those decisions in life where there are no clear answers.

  • Thank you Lesley, I will see what the scans show, see if it's in my feet, read more & learn more & hopefully the right decision will come to me

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz, I spent 5 months of solid research - night and day - before I made my treatment decision. One day at a time. This is a complex disease and there are no clear answers. Each person's treatment decision will be based on a wide range of factors that are unique to them.