Hi My 5 year old daughter was diagnosed with HSP a week ago and has had awful...

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  • Ice blocks are good for hydration. My daughter had severe stomach pains for two weeks and then not as bad for about 3 months

  • 10 days of severe pain,then mild pains during flare ups. She slept mostly in first week from exhaustion:(

  • Bentyl for us but she did say benadryl would work too.. Ours almost never goes away over a year later but I would ask to doctor first for sure

  • Thanks everyone, it's good to get a range of ideas. I'll report back what works for her...

  • My son had pains for several weeks - some so severe he was on morphine. During our month stay in the hospital he would use warm heat pads and sit it warm baths. Belly rubbing from me helped and seemed to calm things enough to dose off. He laid belly down a lot. His first doc thought he was faking his pain but once we got to better hospital they finally knew he had HSP they jumped on his pain management immediately.

  • That is honestly my worst memory of my daughters HSP bout, the intensity of the pain attacks in her stomach. Hope they pass soon for your lil one

  • Mine too !

  • Steroids, tylenol, heat pad. Foods easy on the stomach like jello, popsicles

  • My dr prescribed pepsid in liquid form(daughter is only 4) to take as needed. It worked wonders for the cramping and pain. Warm heating pad. Bland foods, no dairy.

  • My son finds gaviscon double strength seems to soothe his stomach pains along with paracetamol. I was advised not to give ibuprofen as it irritates the stomach xx

  • That's what we had and the GI doctor gave us something else that was similar. I didn't care for it because it was a capsule that we had to sprinkle into the food, but she said it was more effective than the Pepcid. Either way, my then 6 year old said they both tasted gross lol

  • Yeah liquid is easier I think. It tastes nasty but the dose is so little that it's quick and easy

  • Hi. My daughter was diagnosed a week ago after about 4 days of rash and stomach pain. Just got back from 2 day stay in the hospital. Rubbing the belly and back, warm and cold compress, and 24hr dose of liquid pepcid have helped her. Tums in between as needed. Also anti-nausea meds. She was on IV drip for the 2 days which helped tremendously as well, as she refused to drink or eat, and when she did, vomited. Doing well today, but holding my breath as I see from the many posts that this can come and go as it pleases.

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz yeah liquid is much easier! It's still nasty though. Poor girls.

  • Yeah it is. My daughter was also on 10ml of steroids a day. Those tasted even worse. She would cry every time it was medication time.

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz my daughter loved the taste of prednisone and my brother (who is a transplant recipient and very familiar with it) said it's vile stuff. He couldn't believe she liked it.