Hi may I ask how people have found the supplement Fortisip to be flavour taste...

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  • My dter has it. She's been fine and had no issues and steadily gained weight.

  • I like fruits of the forest yogurt flavour fortisip. That's the ONLY one I can even bear. I take it whilst tube feeding to supplement. Xx I put on weight but that was the aim

  • They that bad then?? I had Altraplen b4, that were pretty good with flavour & taste. Going to compare nutritional info of both later, Ta for that though. Been pretty nausious lately so don't want to make it worse u know. but need to get me weight up somewhat. Thankyou x

  • It was the only one that I didn't puke straight back up. Have you got Gastroparesis? Xx

  • There are lots of different flavours, plus savoury, you can ask for a multi flavour pack to see what you like best.

    Used to tempt elderly who are not wanting to eat much so can't all be too bad - some prefer the puddings to the drinks.

  • Only recently diagnosed with heds as it were fibro & me b4, but seeing bladder & bowel on 15th again as I be avin a lot of gi issues. it just trying to get all these areas investigated eh. But I am showing most of the symptons, having real trouble with food lately mechanically as well as reactively if that makes sensse. so the answer is...still ongoing??? ha, just read ...they do puddings!!! ha, I be avin all me teeth well remaining ones out in 3-4 wks so av to find something eh!!! ta very much though, will check them out x

  • Makes perfect sense. If you need any info, do friend / pm me

  • Ah briliant, thankyou, I'll take u up on that x. I'm not autistic but I do have those similar issues which is mainly wht I were asking bout them. Thankyou very much x

  • I have these as my only source of 'food'. They're okay but make sure your GP actually puts mixed flavours on your prescription, as I didn't know this and had to live on strawberry, banana and vanilla for two months and it gets very boring very quickly! Also, you'll crave savoury stuff so nutritionists said to have soup every few days if that happens. Word of advice - do not drink the tropical flavour as it tasted like gone-off milk!! Hope that helps x

  • Did you know they do savoury ones too?

  • I tried a more savoury one and I didn't like it at all unfortunately. Not tolerating much at all at the moment, but thank you x

  • Give your insides a good telling off. ........hope things get back "to normal for you" soon.

  • Thank you Julia Shepherd x

  • I found that I choke less and have less swallowing issues with Ensure than with Fortisips as Ensure is slightly thicker. At the end of the day, they're all full of crap. :(

  • Thankyou everyone for ur comments. I decided to get me gp to try me with "Altraplen" rather than fortisip. Reckoned with what peeps said fortisip may have been too much of an issue for me. I've only tried the prtein drink in strawberry so far, but really nice actually. I look forward to them. They don't seem to have as large a choice as some of theother brands, but I think I'll stick with these. They're also very tolerable for me, with a smooth thickish but not thick texture... easy to swallow for me.. Great to have a different flavour in me diet!!! Thanx again for all ur comments, they were very helpful. Good Luck to u all.x

  • Great news xxx

  • Yucky but alpro soya vanilla yogurt I can sometimes eat when nothing else stays down if that helps?