Hi Kate thanks that you acceptmy request to join the group This my story on my...

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  • :)))

  • storty? :)..I mean off course sporty

  • Thank you for sharing a story with a positive ending!

  • Hi Antonius Suthiono, I hope to give you with my story some hope. I keep in mind, however, that I have the desease of Hsp and think reguraregly think back. I try to give people at least some hope. I understand from your words that you are in adulthood Hsp ( hope I translate it the wright way ). I hope you have a good arrangenment with you employer affected. But the most important thing is how you deal with Hsp and remember that there are still some beautiful moments in life. There is no doubt that there are people support you. I hope you continue see positiv things in life dispite of everything. I know from experience that this is sometimes difficult. You have my support, -ben-