Hi just wondered if anyone uses Avara leflunomide and if so what their...

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  • WG/GPA I have not heard of Avara. I have had much lung problems and surgery. I started eating half a raw onion and one garlic clove a day. Sounds crazy but after much research I found out that this helps with lung infections and inflammation. Good to research.

  • I've never heard of that one. Have you tried Actemra? That is an infusion, it helped my daughter's joint pain and swelling much more than Remicade ever did. She has PAN w/CNS and gets swollen and painful joints as part of her vasculitis.

  • No..have only tried Methotrexate before the Azathioprine. I'm going to a new Rheumy on Friday. Just went to Mayo at the end of July and they were the ones who started me on the Avara. Going with the recommendation from my ENT and bringing my whole life with me! LOL Should be interesting to see what he comes up with. :)

  • Good Luck and please update us when you can!