Hi just need somewhere safe to vent. I was in the er 2 times since Friday

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  • Feel better!

  • That's what we are here for!


  • Sweetheart this is a safe place to vent because we totally understand your frustrations because we've often experienced something similar. I avoid the er unless there is absolutely no alternative, but sometimes there isn't so we go. The last time I went the dr made me so mad I was furious. Hugs & prayers you feel better.

  • Hey Sarah! I'm a MLT from HCC at SLEH!


  • Hi, me too! At memorial hermann

  • That's cool, when did you graduate?

  • I work with James Ace Caston

  • Sometimes nurses and drs can be so stupid!!!!!, despite their expensive education. I hate going to them sometimes. My pcp told me last month I was a hypochondriac. The next day I ended up in the emergency room with a life threatening diagnosis. It pays to listen to your body. Just venting.

  • I hope you're looking for a new Dr Rosa. Even if you didn't end up in the ER, I would leave because of the remark. I'd also sue his ass

  • In 12. I know James. We took classes together. And you?

  • I was in 2015. I have been in the bloodbank since last December

  • Goodness, I don't know how you work with all of this going on. Bless you.

  • I can relate ! I have lupus and ra , but I always go to my regular cause she listens to me

  • I hate when doctors do that!

  • It is really hard to work, but I am not ready to give it up. I am stubborn like that, lol

  • Hoping today is a better one for you. If we do not share what we know about our bodies the medical folks won't get it. I am a nurse and am appalled at some of the attitudes of many of the professionals. Much is frustration that most lay folks do not understand unless you are aware of the amount of meddling that occurs through the ACA.

  • I am a medical laboratory tech, so I do understand the correct way they need to handle things. In my case, things were all wrong. I am better thanks to the second er I went to the next day

  • Hang in there!!!! Hope you are feeling better. Did you like the tee shirt that said, "you don't look sick. You don't look stupid. Looks can be deceiving. Lol