Hi. Im new here. Anyone else feel this way

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  • I had someone in another group ask me if I was in crash. Nope never broken a bone in my life.

  • Yes x

  • Yes. Unfortunately. Hope you have a tolerable day! I'm in bed after caperoning 3rd graders to the planetarium yesterday. My heart

  • Yes I have Fibromyalgia for over 30 years and just diagnosed with OA. And the pain is very real and hard to deal with as nothing even touches it.

  • I have both and in all joints too . Yes it's very painful.

  • I have severe OA in my hands, wrists, elbows, shoulders, spine, ankles and moderate in my hips, knees, & feet. Last year I had 3 spinal fusions & a shoulder clean out. I've spent decades hiding pain from coworkers, friends, & family.

    Well last year did me in and now I'm ending a 20 yr career in education.

    For a decade I was treated for RA, injections put me in remission. New RA doc did extensive testing and told me the extent of my OA. He halted the injections because OA doesn't respond. If my r factor elevates again we'll resume treatments but there are no treatments for OA. Next breath he says, "with the extent of OA, I'm not sure how you worked 60+ hrs and functioned as long as you have. You have the spine of an 90yr old."

    Add a congenital kidney disorder to the mix and Fibro..... pain is just part of my day.

    I quit trying to explain things to people long ago because it is too complicated and no one wants to hear it anyways. Instead, I learned to say no to requests that made me worse or on days that the pain made doing whatever impossible.

  • Welcome! Everyones story is different

  • .Someone needs to develop a pill or something to replace collagen and ligaments

  • Every day

  • Yes! I have widespread OA and fibro. People don't appreciate how painful OA is. Just had my third surgery in 10 months trying to repair my big toe joint and it's still painful to walk. It's painful and frustrating. People dismiss the fibro completely. I'm only 48 and wonder how I'll be able to move if I make it to my 80's or 90's.

  • So sorry to read this. I had two back surgeries and one fusion and I can't imagine going through three. I can't imagine how much you must suffer.

  • I've had 5 fusions but 6 back surgeries total. The 3 last year just did me in. Docs wrote of OA as a diagnosis because I was young & had 2 herniated disks 20+ yrs ago.

    So my pain had to be from spinal issues they said. All the MRI's, x rays, CT's done show my spine narrowing then deteriorating. Only solution was surgery.

    So, accepting that pain is just going to be a constant companion is the only way not to go crazy. Otherwise a person can go nuts looking for a solution to take the pain away. There are lots of frauds out there willing to sell miracles in a bottle, but there is no cure, treatment for OA.