Hi I wanted to let everyone here know that I am doing my part behind the...

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  • Way to go Chris!!!

  • Chris this is awesome

  • Here is a link to the DF where you can get patient brochures. https://dupuytrens.org/homepage/request-dupuytren- foundation-patient-brochures/

  • Yay chris

  • Super advocacy! So proud of you Chris! Our forum does not have a brochure, but the website is a great preview of what we are all about and it has a join us link to the forum. Also, the DF has a connect with others button that links to us. We are also mentioned in a few of the blog posts and the mid year report for the DF, and they can find us that way too. Best thing to do - as others have suggested is to get DF brochures and also provide our website address: www.dupuytrensdiseasesupportgroup.com Thank you for spreading the word!


    I'd still like to get together again, and see if we can get John Allan Plummer also. Schedules are tricky, I know. Plus, with the holidays coming up, it gets trickier. Let's see if we can free up a lunch sometime soon. John? You in?

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz - you could print the welcome page and the Coffee Talk page of the website, staple together and leave a few copies with each office to give them a preview of the forum's work.

  • I'm in!

  • John - How does your work schedule look these days? Maybe we could do lunch at Red Robin one day next week? If Chris Chakonas is in the area sometime soon, maybe we could all get together?

  • I'm in...although I'm down in frederica, de. Any chance we can pick a spot at some sorta halfway point? I would love to come up your way and also see my EFT practitioner, although my budget says no to that right now. :(

  • My schedule is very flexible right now, so reach out in a pm if it's possible to meet somewhere in between.

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz week no good for me.

  • Awesome job, Chris!

  • Thank you Denise Gardner Brown. I ordered a packet. Once they come in, I'll do as Leslie Wieslander Rosenthal suggested in a post within this thread. A great idea. Soon the word will be out in Southern Delaware Kent & Sussex county.

  • Nice job, Chris!

  • Chris rhis is awesome