Hi I stumbled upon this group while looking for more information about HSP

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  • Hi Jessica, welcome to the group, sorry I haven't replied sooner! How is your son doing now? i hope you are finding the info here comforting, it's such a rare condition, which is why I started this group when I was diagnosed - it is easy to feel alone and confused. x

  • Thinking of you....the support and info you will receive from this support group will lighten your heart x

  • Thanks, everyone! He had a different physical symptom appear every day for five days straight, then the physical symptoms seemed to go away. We went for another doctor's appointment on Monday and the doctor said he looked great, but he still had blood in his urine and the first number in his blood pressure was about 15 higher than normal. They sent him for more bloodwork, that turned out fine. He goes back in two weeks. After reading so many stories I am very relieved that so far everything is going okay.

  • Sam is absolutely right...you have to educate yourself instead of relying on the medical staff (I KNOW how wrong this sounds!) for example; we had a dr prescribe ibroprofen after vomiting blood (a complete no-no!!) we had a dr ask why we had come when he looked fine (purple legs, red arms, swollen ankles, wrists, fingers)...3 days later he was taken by ambulance to hospital. Wen his consultant wanted him off all meds & back full-time to school within 4 weeks...meds took about 12 weeks, school took 18wks! Medical people just seems to have a block when it comes to HSP, but once you know what YOU are dealing with, they seem to start swatting ip themselves xxx

  • i also had my daughter tested for food allergies as we noticed that she flared up after eating certain foods....we had to do a food diary, and realized that it was chicken w/ preservatives....so we try to do more organic for her.....