Hi I m new to this group this is a video of my daughter she had physio when she...

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  • The doctor Possibly referred her to see a rheumatologist? For the pain and she may see someone else about flat feet ,she may need insoles in her shoes x

  • Ohh..ask the doctor to refer you to the wheelchair service,they may help with a pushchair x

  • The doctor at the hospital or the GP? Thing is I have a double pushchair because I have a baby, it's because someone commented that she was to big to be in it last week that made me think

  • I always get comments about my little boy been too big because people are quick to judge. You know what's best not them so let them stare. My little boy can was far at all and if he does is up all night crying in pain x

  • I know she is very tall for her age anyway which makes it worse just beginning to wonder what will happen down the line when she is too big for it x

  • I can sympathise with the walking..i live 5 mins away from local shop but takes my little girl (2.5) 45mins to get there and back! It can be really frustrating but since she got her insoles even though she is still slow she can walk much further before she asks to be carried....insoles will help her use the correct muscles when walking so in theory should reduce pain x

  • James is massive he's just turned 2 and the height and weight of a 4yr old :( he's huge. Im wanted a referral for him now too x

  • That sounds promising hopefully she will get some insoles then! She walks at a snails pace nightmare when your in a rush! X

  • I hope they help her too. If i'm rushing i automatically get her pram out now or would never get anywhere lol

  • If they specifically mentioned a bone dr, they may have referred to orthopaedics. That's where they 1st referred my son at the same age.

    We then went to orthotics for insoles and Pedro boots, then a community pead,then a consultant pead with a bit of physio for good measure and now at the age of 11 nothing!

  • The whole process can be fustrating.. your story is very similar to ours. Next week our 3.5 girl is going to have a mri and bloods taken. Then we to see a paediatric rheumatologist. We also thinking of asking about a bigger pushchair as walking anywhere is not an option atm. Good luck in getting as much help as you can xx

  • Thank you I hope your little girl gets the help she needs x

  • Yes I think he did say something beginning with O but I couldn't understand his accent lol x

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz sorry I just saw you replied,any of those professionals,our GP did our referral,

    I TOTALLY get the "your to big" as we had it too he's just turned 6 and already nearly 120 cm tall

  • Orthopaedic surgeon maybe

  • My lg didn't walk on her own until she was nearing four she is 12 now and even tho she is slower than her peers at things it will come eventually things are more of an effort for our kids a two min walk is like a ten mile hike so that's why she is so slow at walking as her joints and are working hard and her muscles are working ten times Harder x

  • All I say is..go with your gut!

    We were told MANY times..oh he no way has that!(eds)..

    3 years of more fighting and he "finally " got an eds diagnose..I on the other hand am potentially fighting the over protective parent label because I wasn't being listened to x

  • Good luck with the rheumatologist!

    It was the rheumatologist who finally LISTENED,however our GP referred him to the wheelchair service x

  • Very similar to my three year old girl. She's barely fitting in the pushchair but can't walk much without falling over or saying she hurts. Weirdly she won't even put her arms out if she falls. I must ask about a special needs pushchair. We walk three and half miles to nursery every day. She can barely manage 5 minutes walking.

  • Ask them to check to c if shes got hyperflexibity aswell my daughter has both n a few other things aswell but her feet r the same ankle side leans inwards mines 3 n still cant walk alone but shes tiny (12-18 month clothes ) so im not havin any stares or comments but u know wots best for ur child wen i need things for her i go and ask her physio or docs n then pretty much get it ie: Kaye walker, pedishoes tell them straight shes to big for buggy so i need something to use wen she needs it just remember they r there to help u child if there is something u feel that she needs tell them x