Hi I m new to the group I actually live in Iowa but am interested in this...

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  • After talking to her I checked it out for myself.

  • How did it go?

  • Ive been treated at acbm, what did you think Karen?

  • I saw Dr Cam at The American Center for Biological Medicine (not her full last name, just a nickname) and she was very thorough and helpful. Picked up on some things my regular Lyme doc didn't.

  • I haven't actually gone there...only researching options. What did you think? Are you better?

  • Shea quotes me 64000 for twelve week treatment!

    That's as far as I went

    Their program seems good!

  • I thought Shea closed?

  • Shea is merged with Envita. The old location you and I went to Julie Landmeier Moon is no longer open.

  • Does anyone know anything about Arizona Advanced Medicine? I am new to the group.

  • Dies ACBM take insurance?

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