Hi I m just wondering if anyone else has had the same and if it s spread at...

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  • Beautiful little girl at that. I would read all you can about natural pain and inflamation remedies.

  • Thanks Bill xx

  • things like even juicing might be good for you

  • Will have a Google xx

  • look for natural remedies for things like chronic pain as well, or even fibromyalgia, for sometimes the remedies are the same

  • OOh, didn't know that! That's for your help <3 x

  • I would generally take a good look at your diet to see what changes may help. It is what I am doing myself

  • I must admit - my diet is terrible and I know that loosing weight could definitely help me. I have a lot of back pain too so I know that weight loss would help that too :) x

  • yes think lifestyle change

  • In some ways it is the little things like artificial sweetners or glutamates, the questionable ingredients in packaged foods.