Hi I m a new member I know Wayne very well He has been my resource for...

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  • Welcome Sylvia!!

  • welcome to the group Sylvia.

  • Welcome from one neurosark to another.

  • Welcome glad your here with us xx

  • I hope the accept you too...been thinking of U of M in ann arbor for me...but 20 yrs ago they could not find out what was wrong with me there its a 3 hr ride one way from me now, & everything is so much more advance i am really wondering if anyone uses the sarc clinic there????

  • One way to find out if the clinic is actively pursuing Sarc treatment is to look up the names of the Drs there and then do some research online to see if they have published any research papers on Sarc in the last 5 years. If not, you kind of have your answer without doing the trip.

  • Thats a good idea Wayne!

  • Welcome, I was dx'd with MS years ago and thanks to Wayne's help found great docs at Hopkins who are now thinking I pretty much have neuro Sarc . I am in the midst of traveling back and forth for testing but it has been well worth the trips. It seems to me that the more info you can get these docs the better. I went back almost 10 years and gathered as much records including bloodwork, X-rays, MRI and so forth.... And it has been helpful in getting me seen quicker and better for the docs as well.

  • welcome hope you find the doctors you need!

  • welcome :)