Hi I have been symptom free for quite a while but I woke up yesterday to a...

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  • Thiamine has really helped with my nerve/numbness/tingling issues.

  • I have that on and off for years. Never figured it out.

  • I will have to try the thiamine.

  • I get the twitching as well but mostly around my left thigh and knee area. I only notice it when resting. I am going to get the B-1

    Thiamine and add it to the other 30 vitamins and supplements I take every day. LOL

  • What's one more pill when you are already swallowing a handful?

  • (CSS) I have neuropathy in one foot, toes mainly.. but I also get tingling and numbness in other areas that comes and goes. Hopefully yours goes away too, Kirk.

  • My toes have been getting numb, but no pain...let me know if you talk to your doc about it, Kirk. I'll be telling my rheumy when I see him.

  • I also have this, but in all 4 extremities now - the outside 3 toes included and up the outside of my foot and about 1/3 of the way up my legs. My hands-the outside 3 fingers, then up my hands to about half way up my arms. I do have nerve damage now as confirmed by a neurologist and an EMG and nerve conduction test.

  • my husband has numbness in both of his feet no feeling at all no pain hard to walk when you have no feeling...

  • numbness in both feet right lfoot numb toes and outer side of leg below the knee pain is bad if i knock them or even cut my toe nails.