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  • I'm always amazed at how resilient Raegan is. But, with that said, I think this all gets harder and harder to deal with the older she gets. She struggles with self image, and trying to "keep up" with her friends. Raegan is lucky to have a great group of friends that understand her illness, and they really try to include her, no matter what. She tends to submerge herself in art and animals. She can be in a lot of pain and really feel horrible, and theses 2 things bring her back to a "happy" place. Suprisingly, some of the most beautiful pictures I have ever seen her create have been done while she is sick, or just having a "bad" day. We live in a 41 acre farm, so when she isn't able to walk to her animals, she drives the golf cart, climbs in there pins and just sits with them for hours. Even the biggest animals know to be gentle with her. It's a neat thing to sit back and watch.

  • Thanks.

  • 41 Acre Farm? Kari, I am coming to visit! Sounds like fun!

  • Originally I though it would be hard for me to answer this since Ezra is so young but to cope with pain he almost became a recluse. Around Christmas time last year he was in a lot of pain and didn't want to be around anyone. Social situations with family seemed to make the pain worse and he would melt down so we stayed home a lot. He didn't want anyone touching him, talking to him, looking at him, etc. Looking back...It was really hard on us all. He ALWAYS had one of his pillow pets with him and normally used 1 to cover his face. Even in ICU, they were his comfort item.

  • Thanks, Leah Nicholson Bush. They know what they need, even when they are babes.

  • Zoe likes to be left alone also.