Hi I am new to the group I have DD in my left hand it s been there for years...

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  • DD and LD (LD is Ledderhose disease/plantar fibromatosis). They are like brother/sister. I'm so sorry about the stress fracture. I guess you'll be wearing that boot for 6-8 weeks. Don't take it off to soon! I have LD in both feet. I had RT (Radiation Therapy) in Sept 2015. I am now pain free, my nodules are completely flat and I am in a regular pair of shoes again...first time in almost 5 years! LD does seem to get better response than DD with RT. However, RT works beautifully for DD. We have a member here at 10 years and one at 6-7 years post RT for DD and their disease is still dormant. My story is in our files. I've posted many pictures on here of before and after (but if you search my name it will reveals thousands of post too). In our files we also have a list of treating Radiation Oncologist (RO's) and just scroll until you see California. You are in good hands out there!

  • Thank you very much. I will be busy reading for awhile. I appreciate this site and am so glad to have found it!