Hi I am new to the group degenerative disk disease osteoarthritis fibromyalgia...

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  • Sending up

  • What is LDN

  • Low dose naltrexone.

  • I'm fibro since 2003 never heard of it is it something your doctor gives you?

  • Yes available by prescription only, higher doses used to get off options, can you Google it? Much information on it on web, not widely known or talked about or researched because drug companies for whatever reason can't profit from it. According to many many people though it has definitely helped them.

  • I meant get off opiods

  • Thank you.

  • I've never had loss of sight. How scary for you!!

    But I too have widespread OA degenetive disk disease and fibromyalgia. Sorry I can't advice you on anything though x

  • Turns out I had a very high fever and they think it could have been from that or a seizure.