Hi group pardon me if this has been asked before Do any of you have a problem...

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  • An ultrasound works better for me because my breasts are hard as rocks with fibrous tissue.

  • I'm young, but I had a manual exam and they found a bump so they sent me to get an ultrasound. It was nothing dangerous. ultrasounds sound like they are much easier than mammograms.

  • They are, but my doctors say they are not enough for me with my family history. I am hoping to be allowed to get an

    MRI and ultrasound and extra exams from the Breast Care Center.

  • Good luck. I hope they let you get the MRI and ultrasound. Sorry I couldn't help.

  • Thanks. At the very least, the ultrasounds will provide some information. The genetic counselor at the hospital for cancer actually wanted me to ask Dr. Burke about how hyper mobility patients handle this. My appointment isn't until October.

  • The US misses things - like a bunch of small calcifications - that shows up on MRI or mammogram.

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz is your doctor?