Hi Good evening I posted two weeks ago maybe that I was healing I do believe...

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  • Celebrate the fact that you had a glimpse - aka Honeymoon. A peek into future gains. Lots of us never see that temp period of relief. Hold on to it so as to carry you through the next waves.

  • As long as you can keep up your determination and cool you will make it. 2-3 is a long time and I have had many doubtful moments in that time ......but now I feel so strongly that I AM beating this I may have finally lost the doubt...........this IS a milestone !

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  • Mark thank u so much. My cool yes. Maybe some therapy also. This gets too your emotions because of a roller coaster ride. Happy u also feel like u r beating it. Wonderful.

  • Ann thank u. I am definately holding on. I believe. Enjoy your day!!!

  • Yes...ive heard of the honeymoon.....i am suffering in my lymph nodes in my hips or its my tendons..but i am even in pain laying down and that usually helps...i know what i want done...but trying to find dr. To do the protocal i WANT...MY BODY...MY MONEY...SOMEONE let ME TRY !!!!

    I'm so sorry...i hope it goes away and the recovery continues....

  • Only YOU can make it happen.......I refuse to let others make a fatal mistake for MY body

  • It's a crazy unpredictable rollar coaster. Enjoy the ride

  • Yes it is. Stinging right now and thinking how all of us here is really tuff.

  • Hang in there

  • Thank you for being honest...i want to try...but im a freak and even though I'm as miserable as the rest of us....i hate the thought of killing all these bees......

  • No one likes to see a bee die but some do live even after they sting. Bees live about 5-6 weeks and it's the last good deed they do before they go. When you see how much better you get you will thank them for another chance.

  • we use the bees at the end of their short life, like Shari mentioned. And the bees live on inside of us. They are miraculous creatures, and as you get well, you can even become a beekeeper to give back to the bees, as many of us have! :)

  • Every living creature takes life from other creatures to survive. The creatures within us are taking our life as we speak.....Life and death are as natural as breathing. When we are borne we know only life and fear death. As we grow old we know we are going to die and many begin to loose that fear and many of us begin to appreciate life in a way we never have. Thats why we see some old farts looking horrible and fearful and miserable and others looking so peaceful and happy and content............they go through the same crap as the rest of us do.....the difference is there ego is not in control....only the ego resists the inevitable and causes this suffering. Your body and money are only temporary Kimberly Gebhard.....Your spirit will live on and you have many things to do.

  • So true Mark Stowe especially the part about "The creatures within us are taking our life as we speak....". Except now we are kicking their vicious little microscopic asses! Yay bees.