Hi folks My daughter starts methotrexate tomorrow She starts with four pills...

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  • she is only 7

  • what is her diognosis my daughter has guttate morphea. unfortunatly its spreading she has it from head to toe and she will have to go for more tests. its an awful disease and there is no info in th uk about and no1 has heard of it so its all guess work

  • Hi Gemma. Where in uk are you? We are being looked after at royal children's hospital at Manchester and they are quite clued up. X

  • we in yorkshire she is under lgi they are quite gd its the gps that are useless

  • Hi Darina Gilley Chesterton every child reacts differently, I can say for my daughter her energy level is low the day following medication and sometimes complains of a slight upset stomache but never vomits, best of luck.

  • If she does have symptoms, taking an anti nausea medication with MTX may be beneficial. Talk to your physician.

  • Hi Darina, my daughter is 3 and has been fine. All the best!

  • My daughter is 9 and never took the pills went straight to the shots. Your doc said she had had to many kids get sick on the pills and tolerate the shot better. The shots have been GREAT no progression in 8 months!! Good Luck!

  • My daughter will get nauseous and have a bad stomach she the next day. She takes 10 pills a week.

  • we went straight to the shots as well. Only have done 1 round and she had a little stomach ache. So hopeful this will help her feel better. Our joint pain is what we fear the most.