Hi everyone sorry not been in touch

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  • Nice to see you back on the forum Laurinda. Wishing you the best of luck with your treatment! Do you have a start date so that we may send you off with lots of well wishing and positive vibes?

  • No they will contact me with a Treatment Planning date to organise my treatment, do the measurements and give me my lovely markers and st that visit I will know...

    I will keep you informed xxx

  • Best of luck with your treatments! Keep us posted!

  • Please, keep us posted!

  • Do you need to wait on your hands until the DD appears as nodules and cords across your hands? Ie: do they only treat obviously active areas?

  • No it's appearing now so it's simply so he can do my feet using the relevant machines and then visit my hands x

  • Ok, i wasnt sure it was showing up on your hands yet. I had both of my left's done, hand and foot. Now a year later my right hand is beginning to become active but I dont want RT until they will radiate my entire hand (ie: full hand as area of treatment) and I don't think they will do that if nodes and cords aren't showing throughout as they were in my LH.