Hi everyone I m hoping someone can give me some advice I have a chest...

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  • Oh no! I sympathise because I broke a couple of ribs coughing a few years ago and every now and then if I cough to big it niggles and I freak out!! I hope someone can help you :)

  • Like Penny said it could be your ribs. I have fractured a few ribs over the years by coughing. Also i had a diabetic seizure in January which resulted in a fractured vertebrae. Whenever i cough or sneeze just now it is REALLY painful. Might be worth checking out if something is actually broken so it doesn

  • doesn't get worse!

  • The worst of my pain is concentrated in my lumbar, SI and left hip (my SI is sacrilized and naturally fused on the left side of my L5).

    It still could have muscular pain included, even if it's just the ones that flank your back. It would be secondary pain (they're tense due to guarding you spine where pain is... but become tense to the point of being tender).... If so, heat might help loosen them.

    If you're really sure there's no muscle issue, then ice would help for inflammation (typically the discs). And do 20 mins on, 20 off

    Have you tried any back stretches? I'd suggest starting with passive ones, like laying on your stomach with a pillow or 2 under your chest and just rest like that for a bit (unless it increases your pain).

    What you most likely will need to try is PT. See if you can do water PT, as the impact is very very low, and will reduce pressure on your lumbar and SI while you do your stretches and exercises.

    Unless you have reacted well to steroids in the past, try to avoid those injections (they love to do them, but have been terrible for me, but I just have an intolerance to steroids).

    Hang in there... I know how horrible that area can be for pain.

  • If it is a nerve problem, there is the nerve ablation procedure (sometimes called Radio-Frequency (RF) Ablation. It's quite a long process, including doing test injections (workups) of lidocaine (or stronger versions) straight into the facet joints. If you get pain relief from the workups for 4 hours, then it suggests that you'd be a good candidate. The actual procedure is a simple out-patient that doesn't always involve anesthesia (but would at least have a sedative). They basically use very heated needles that burn off the nerves in your joints that cause pain. It's considered successful when you get 80%+ relief for 6 to 12 months (when those nerves grow back), at which you can just repeat the procedure as many times as necessary (I believe it is possible that the nerves can permanently die from the procedure, but I'm honestly not sure).

    I just finished getting my right side done (I did my left a while ago, as my insurance only covered doing one side at a time). The nerves are almost dead and I am starting to feel some pain relief, but I will need to return to PT once that happens.

    Sometimes, though, you have to "fail" a few types/rounds of PT before insurance will agree to do it... but that's dependent on your doctor and your insurance.

  • Thankyou for your support and advice. My doctor has confirmed a prolapsed disc and has given me some gentle exercises to do as well as high strength diazepam. Coughing is still a really big problem at the moment so I have to brace myself against a wall when I feel it coming on otherwise it is agony. My right SI joint seems to be completely stuck at the moment so I'm on crutches and a SI belt is helping a bit to help prevent jarrIngrid when I'm walking. It's amazing just how much damage coughing can do. I broke ribs a few years ago too! The doc said could be anything from 2 weeks to 2 months before it gets better. Fingers crossed for 2 weeks.