Hi everyone I live in the U. K. I have just recently been diagnosed with rsd

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  • Hi. I lived in London for several years. I have CRPS /RSD in my lower limbs for 11 years now. Acupuncture didn't help me. Doesn't mean it won't help you. Guys and St Thomas' has a wonderful pain management programme. I had a spinal column stimulator placed in there. I'm happy to speak more if you want to pm me

  • Aqua therapy was also helpful. Stay away from ice!!

  • So sorry for your recent diagnosis Heidi Barber. Acupuncture is not the first treatment for those newly diagnosed with crps. They usually start with nerve blocks and warm water therapy. Take vitamin C as well. We have articles in the files on treatments for crps. If you can't find them I would be happy to look further or you can check out the RSD web site in the US www.crps.org.

  • Very often the protocols for the counties don't match up. If Heidi could get referred either to Guys or to The programme in Bath where the country's two specialty hospitals are she would get the best there is to offer.