Hi everyone I don t know where else to turn I was wondering if anyone has a...

Thanks in advance.

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  • Pamela...I'm a tad lost ... Put the cream where?

  • You put the cream where you plan to give the shot so it numbs the area.

    You draw a line around the cream so after you wipe the cream off to give the shot you can still see the boundary of where it was

  • Oh I get it now... Thanks!!

  • Nicole what's the Saran Wrap for? The cream or the injection?

  • Irene GK it's to keep the cream in place because it takes 30 minutes plus to numb the area. We leave it on up to an hour then take the Saran Wrap off and wipe off the cream then give the shot (although for us it's infusion now and port access not shot but same principle)

  • Brody has Skype a few children to help. He dresses up and tries to distract them ....we understand

  • Maybe the back of the arm or hip where she cannot see you put it.  The numbing cream should really help with stinging during and after.  We love it and it is worth every penny.  LMX runs about $50 for a tube.  Trying to give it at night while she is sleeping is not a bad idea.  Never tried it but a lot of people say it works.

  • We have used an ice cube in the past to numb the area. I have also heard of kids sucking on suckers to be distracted but I wouldn't want her to choke. I am so sorry you are all going through this.

  • Thanks for clarifying Nicole

  • Ask for a xylocaine prescription, I mix it in with the humira in his needle

  • We are on the same boat and my daughter is 9. We've done the ice, buzzy, and the numbing cream with no success :( I have to fight her every time and she eventually gives in, but I fear for the day I can't convince her. We both usually end up crying, it's terrible. She knows that this is to help her, but I wish the process was easier. She's now developed a huge fear to any shots, needles, or blood draws and it has made this journey even harder. It is nice to know I'm not the only one dealing with the same issues, but tough to know what our kiddos go through. She's definitely stronger and braver than I am! Thinking of you.

  • I buy packages of little toys and let my daughter pick one with each injection. I also let her pick which arm. This seems to help her feel some control. She is 3 almost 4. They have little buzzy things that can help distract them too.

  • For example I buy something like this and let her pick one each week. It has helped a lot.

  • My daughter was on remicade and she wanted to try humira. Absolute nightmare. She asked to go back on remicade and we did. Easier once a month with the blood tests and medication all at the same time. Emotionally I like someone else giving her the medication. I was losing my mind over humira. The tears and panic were just terrible. So much better on the remicade

  • I've never heard of that before but that's a wonderful idea! I wish we knew about something like that sooner, but better late than never!

  • I so wish we could take the burden of arthritis on and let our kids just be kids. I'm sorry you have a hard time too, but it really is nice knowing I'm not alone. And it's amazing how strong these kids are!

  • It works wonders!!! It's freezes his arm as it goes in. Negates the burn from humira. My son always asks to make sure I've put enough in hehehe

  • We would have the most horrible time with trying to give our 5 year old her injections. Our rheumy suggested giving it to her when she is completely asleep. I thought she was crazy but we tried it and now she says you are gonna wait till i am asleep right mommy? She barely even moves and if she does whimper any i just console her and make shhhhhh shhhh noises and she goes right back to sleep.