Hi Everyone I apologise for not updating you yesterday on how my appointments...

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  • does your employer have an occupational health that you can call? would be worth talking to your manager to find out, as it is illegal for them to refuse, i would also wait for your normal GP to get back form holiday, and if that does not work i would request to see the surgery manger? you should complain about the way the other DR behaved. clearly didnt give you the time that you needed and didnt listen to a word you said. xx Good luck

  • Thanks Pippa! I've three employers, so it gets a little complicated! I don't think any have OH, though one have HR. I've spoken to them before & wouldn't bother again as they became very defensive, as though I were accusing the company of something! My GP gets back from holiday on the 30th & the earliest appointment I can get is on the Tuesday. It's been suggested that I get a 2nd opinion. My retail work weren't convinced about what the Dr has put on the fit note, as it is the same as my contracted hours. I might go & see someone else, leading with 'work need more information' & see where that gets me - can't do any harm! Xx