Hi everyone I am new to the group My four year old daughter was diagnosed...

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  • so sorry but unfortunately I think most of us all have :( hope she feels better soon.

  • How long has she been having issues with arthritis symptoms, even prior to the diagnosis? What form of JA does she have? Sometimes it takes time for the medications to begin working and other times they have to tweak the drug regimen or add to it before they find a good fit for your child. I've learned from this group that every child is different.

  • Unfortunately methotrexate (mtx) takes a while to work, it is a slow and steady drug. Sadly the intra articular injections don't always work every time either. When they do, they're fairly fast acting and can be long lasting. NSAIDs like Naproxen are also hit and miss at times whether they work as effectively in some as others. Heat packs or cold, depending on whether you want comfort or swelling reduction, are great, cheap, and easy. Swimming or warm bath is also supportive and comforting on sore joints. Mummy's hugs and kisses can also work wonders! :-) If you are able, talk to or see a physiotherapist (physical therapist) about gentle stretches, splints, or other aids that can support the joints. And keep talking to others who are on this JIA Journey with you. Hugs from Oz. J

  • Hi Pam....


    My daughter who is 6 had 24 affected joints. We have never done the infusions , but were on steroids, naproxen and now on weekly methotrexate injections.

    It took a while for the metho to kick in for us. She still fatigues easily though.... Document her days and see when things change??

    Hope for a speedy recovery soon...

  • The only suggestion that I haven't already seen mentioned is still walk. If you baby it too much it will stiffen up more causing more problems. My Cori writes ABC'S with her feet in the air to stretch them out