Hi Everyone. Are there any wegeners people who get their PR3 antibody tested

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  • http://www.arupconsult.com/Topics/ANCA.html#tabs=0 This page gives some info about PR3 - apparently it is part of the ANCA test

  • Pr3 is for us weggies. I am tested several times each year, as a part of my rituximab treatments. Our test scale here is different, the number for "normal" people is under 2.0. When I had a bad flare it was 14. (The flare was caught early.) Now I've been under 1.0 for some time, and there's no WG activity that I can notice.

  • "Overall, low predictive values for relapse were found, so it's not justified to escalate immunosuppresive therapy solely on the basis of an increase in ANCA level, as determined by PR3/MPO ELISA. An increase should be taken as a warning and the patient observed more closely." - Vasculitis In Clinical Practice, page 67

  • I had a PR3 level 0f 100 about 18 months ago and now my PR3 level is 9. According to my UK consultant it should be below 5 for the normal range but he isn't as worried about it being 9 because it's been 100 previously