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  • Could be so many possibilities.

    Vitamin deficiency, blood sugar , medication etc. Fatigue is a huge part of what we have. Perhaps have some labs drawn to check out all sides of things.

  • I am suffering in the same way could be a vitamin deficiency?

  • Have your ferritin levels check and have an iron panel ran.

  • I always feel better after a sit down and a chocolate bar! It keeps happening at work. Chocolate normally sorts me out x

  • I'm on multivitamins and also take Magnesium and Potassium supplements. In June, my liver got inflamed and those 2 went down. I felt so so tired and only went to ER thinking I was anemic. Spent a week getting both Potassium and Magnesium infused.

  • I had a letter recently saying my potassium was low. But they didn't say I needed anything

  • In Potassium anything below 3.6 is low. Just consult your physician and ask what the level was last time they did blood work. Sometimes if we don't show we know they'll let it slide and not give you anything. I ask and I write down anything I hear new and start looking.

  • When my heart rate skyrockets, that's how I feel

  • I have been on steroids for a little over a month! But I've had them many times and over never had it before but would make sense ! X

  • Thank you x

  • I have that daily right now. I have Dysautonomia with POTS. My heart rate goes sky high and then plummets. Putting on pants is enough to shoot my heart rate up and make me nauseated and feel like I'm going to pass out. Still working on getting that under control.