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  • Hi Charlie my 15yr old son had arthroscopy and debridement on his elbow in jan 11 and after 8mths he was back to full time training and football So far so good he doesnt seem to have any bother

  • Hi Charlie, I'm 24 and I have OCD in my right knee. I played alot of football until I was 21. I've had 2 microfracture ops which failed. Im currently recovering from OATs surgery 8 weeks ago - still on crutches. The doc says that I have a good chance of returning to sport after, but the rehab is 6 months. Given your age and fitness, my advice for you is ony let the best doctor you can find operate on your knee even if it means waiting/paying alot, its worth it in the long run. The evidence out there shows that microfracture is no good for repairing catilage and it will break down again. I would investiagete other procedure such as OATS.

  • Good luck to you. My son also has OCD in both knees. He had his first surgery in 2010 and came back last year in soccer to be awarded All state first team! He recently had surgery in his left knee. We are hoping it is as successful as his right knee surgery. Best wishes to you! http://www.neprepzone.com/article/20120515/PREPZON E/705159811/1215#mcgovern-s-offensive-burst-boosts -skyhawks-to-fifth-state-crown

  • My daughter's ocd is in her ankle and I dont have any answers for you but I pray you will find them and that everything will work out for you. God Bless

  • Cant offer advice as only had loose body removal and TKR but wishing you best of luck with everything for the future..x

  • My daughter has OCD in both ankles, treatment so far has failed for her, but I wish you all the luck in the world.

  • I totally disagee, alot depends on the size and location of the lesion, if you only require 1/2 plugs then the oats procedure is worth a try - your replacing damage cartilage with good cartilage, if you don't address it then the lesion could get bigger. Your life will be over waiting , I'd borrow the money and get the best treatment you can and least then you can say you tried.

  • I agree Brad, but in the short term, people need to live their lives they way they see fit.

  • Sure if you take running out of the equation, what stress are you putting on it? Most people have a desk job and in terms of excerise swimming, walking and cycling are not stressful. There will be no break through in 'bone advancement' in the next 10 years and even then it will be in very select locations for the most profile people. Charlie is 21 and I'm assumign the lesions are smallish, I'd go ahead, at least you can live a better qulity life.

  • Id say if you have OCD then you really ought to change your sports however much you love them...I had to give up working in shops cos of my OCD I guess its the same for sports...You got to live your life according to how your body lets you...Hope that makes sense to you all, just my input...xx