Hi been having a really stressful episode lately and the ambulance came and...

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  • EDS 3 can cause valve issues, but you should definitely be consulting with a cardiologist and electrophysiologist for the rhythm issues. Just from reading boards, it seems like many with EDS have rhythm issues - some are benign and just require monitoring. I hope you're feeling better and have more clarity on what's going on soon!

  • Definitely consult with a good electrophysiologist. I had a 30 day monitor that clearly showed my POTS stuff and slow heart rate at other times and they wanted to treat the tachy episodes only. Just heads up cardio is heart, electrophysiologist will determine electrical signals. Best wishes!

  • The local EP was intimidated by me too but luckily my dog is very well-versed in DTS and treated both my bratty and my tacky at the same time. But luckily I go to Duke dysautonomia Clinic in February I'm sure they will know what to do about the atrial enlargement. Just wondered if it was an ETS thing or not.

  • I'm willing to bet yes. Our vessels can be stretchy too. Glad you're going to the clinic - they will probably be able to help!

  • Just saw what my auto-correct wrote , glad you understood anyway. I do have a smart dog but have no idea what DTS is and there isn't a doctor in the world that can treat my bratty

  • Lol! Yep that happens to me a lot with my phone.