Hi all my daughter is only 9 months old but has just been diagnosed as being...

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  • It is not unusual for children to be hypermobile & the fact that it has been picked up really early is a good thing as you can monitor her for potential problems. your daughter may not present with any symptoms at all or it could go the other way.. it's literally a wait & see. It is possible to be hypermobile without pain and the syndrome part of the name is usually given when pain becomes involved, so at the moment I would say that your daughter is hypermobile/ has hypermobility but it is too early to tell if it develops into the syndrome or is a symptom of something else.

    As hypermobility varies so much from one person to another it really is impossible to say whether she will go on to have problems or not at such an early age. I would follow the advise of the ot and physio for now and just be aware.