Hi All Hope you all are having a pain free week I m sorry I havent been around...

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  • im trying to remain positive because the xray shoued the knee joint is good and the oa has increased much from last year, there is alot of fluid and they artent sure if I tore something or not or if its cartileage floating around. my mom just finished her other knee replacement and honestly feels great, sorry you are havinga hard time as well.

  • Had surgery last April - tore my meniscus in 3 places . Then they drained the right knee at same time. My own little buy one get one lol. Tearing a meniscus is so easy as we get older. I wanted to chew my leg off. Lol who knew it could hurt that bad. Let me know what you find out.

  • that might be it, I put a support on it and its not really helping. First I would l feel it a little walking down stairs and now up is a killer, I kneeled down to attempt to garden and i couldnt get up, now it just pops and its just awful

  • So sorry Lisa. I hope they find out what the main problem is with the MRI. Not sure about the support. I seen my wife trying to use one.It just made her feel worse. But everyone is different.

  • thanks Allen, I usually wear when I go walking but am desparate enough to try anything, it helped for my commute into work, not so sure mow. its just frustrating because i wanted to get the mri this weekend and it doesnt look like it was going to happen

  • Its helping keep doing it. I know when I had my RA real bad I was willing to try anything. Do you mind me asking what sort of work do you do. If you are on your feet a lot that would not help at all. If you don't here from the people about the MRI I would give them a call. You never know.

  • Im a portfolio manager in the city and manage 14 properties. im office bound now so it isnt back but when inspcting properties there are alot of stairs involved, earlier in the weekmy knee just gave out, luckily I wasnt hurt so staying in my office until I get some news

  • Sounds like wonderful work. You can always bet that any properties you have to see will have steps. We have lots of steps in our house. We talked about moving to a one level house. Somewhere where it might be a bit warmer in winter.

  • budget season started for me and i will be busy with that until october but do have to see the buildings, im hoping they aquare me away soon.

  • You would have your seasons.. Trouble I'd the seasons make it hard to us as well. This time of the year with all the rain and all