Hi all Hope all doing well This is my 3rd week in water aerobics At first it...

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  • I'm starting water aerobics on Weds, hoping it will make a difference x

  • I would love to try that! I lost alot of my muscle tone,

  • I did try it. and it was great, the instructor however was not. when she wasnt busy flirting with the other pool guards, she was doing the routines so fast no one could keep up, so she then started taking the mickey out of individuals. never again... I do however go to the gym everyday. I thought it was hurt so much saying as sometimes just moving hurts... but im finding its building strength back and loosening up my muscles and making it easier to walk and get about!!

  • I was doing water aerobics and loving it until the snow started. The facility kept the water around 83 degrees. Cool but when your moving not bad. Then the snow hit and they also would open a door. I was freezing even though I was moving and actually came out hurting worse then going in so I am waiting until summer. There are a few arthritis tempurature classes with the water at around 90 degrees but none close to me.

  • PilAtes is good for strengthening core

  • I have been swimming for about 2 weeks now and it has been so helpful, I can't believe the change I feel, energy, sleeping all night, so much less pain!! So blessed!! Keep it going !