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  • I had a steroid injection in my wrist & it worked amazingly well... for about 2 weeks. Hopefully yours will last much longer though. And I've tried pretty much every anti-inflammatory on the market - prescription & natural. Everyone's body chemistry is different so it may work brilliantly for you or not. Just be aware of the side effects/risks & symptoms of complications. Good luck - hoping for lots of pain relief for you

  • Everyone reacts differently. In my body different joints act differently. My knees respond amazingly to steroid shots. I can go about 2 years in between. My shoulders however, do not respond to the shots at all. Hope they help you.

  • I had the injection on Thursday

  • Celebrex is a good anti inflammatory drug it can play havoc with blood pressure though. I had a total knee replacement last July and am so much better as for osteoarthritis in my shoulders there isn't anything much that relieves the pain. Good luck with your treatment.

  • I've had them in my knees twice. First time didn't work. Actually made them worse. Hit my youngest was only a baby and I didn't rest as much I should. Had them in both knees an both wrists last year together and they lasted a good 3 months. It was so painful though. I couldn't move my hands for days. And I tested properly. Had no choice really was in too much pain.

    Just make sure you rest as much as possible and don't walk about too much. They work much better. X

  • Thank you for all your input x gentle hugs

  • Your welcome. Gentle hugs back. Xx

  • I got cortisone shot(s) in my finger years ago and haven't been troubled by the pain and stiffness since. I do have stiffness in a different finger now, but let my acupuncturer work on it and I think it's coming around