Hi again everyone Does anyone have any experience with the green smoothie...

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  • Cyndi Conlow Olsen and Tina Tierney swear by smoothies, they would def know!!

  • Join the Vasculitis Wellness Group! I feel better when I have one everyday!

  • Haven't tried them but i have been reading about all different diet programs. I understand that the Mediterranean diet is very good for imflammation.

  • I have a really fussy digestive system and large volumes of roughage like kale or other really fibrous things didn't do well. I found that adding baby spinach was a little tamer. Experiment and keep track! Juices by themselves can be a big sugar hit if you have blood sugar issues. So balance with protein.

  • Thanks all! Have any of you had any issues with kidney stones or anything since starting? I've heard about high oxalate diets causing stones throughout the body.

  • Watch the spinach....it sure can .

  • Eat fresh vegetables and fruit as much as possible. There is a vegetable protein & vitamin shake mix which we add some berries or spinach to, as a diet supplement as a smoothie.