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  • Am following with interest, I think the criteria is quite high, would make life so much easier sometimes but it seems like OCD isn't really known, even if you google it there is no comparison to the pain so think it would be difficult. Mine is my knee too and it's like an electric bolt through the knee when putting my foot down ☹️️

  • Mines in my ankle and i work but not constantly on my feet. I have good days and bad but on a bad day i end up crawling around the house. I have just moved into a bungalow so i dont have stairs.Towards the end of some days i can hardly put one foot in front of the other. I was told not to carry anything of any weight, shopping etc either. So given my circumstances i have been issued with one. Pip is another story. I tried to claim but it was refused, maybe 18 months ago. My circumstances now are worse, i live alone and rely on friends to help me when i am struggling. I am thinking of trying again for pip.

  • With having it in my hip I was accepted for PIP, which i was accepted for standard on both also I was accepted for a blue badge. You need at least 8 points or more on the mobility part of PIP, which I got to get my badge. I also got some help filling in my forms for PIP as most the questions I did find confusing

  • Hi Gem Olds, where did you get help filling in the forms, do you also work?

  • I have both pip and I have had a blue badge in the past. I only dont have one now as I don't drive

  • I got help from a place called SHARPS near to where I live, they're part of CAB. The last time I worked was in 2013, which I was a courier but with the pain getting worse where I was literally forced to quit. I'm now on JSA, which they advised me to claim PIP

  • Cab and welfare rights can help with the forms. Neither would help me unfortunately so I had to do it by myself. I had to do the assessment by myself too

  • Thanks for the help x

  • Thanks, i will have a look on whats available in my area.

  • Aw so quite a few people have got blue badges then! Sounds like it would be worth a try applying! Thank you very much xxx

  • Absolutely. Worse they can do is say no x

  • I don't mind offering advice on both. Helped a couple of friends with PIP.