Hey sarc family yall are the only ones I can talk to without you judging me has...

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  • What a terrible thing when family feel that way. I've had mine do the same, but run to me for support with their problems. Never hesitate to come here and say how your day is going or anything else you like. We are here for you. Be assured we understand all too well what you're going through. (((HUGS)))

  • Thanks caren please I am always up at weird hours back g nightmares of seeing my sister dying.

  • Thanks Karen.

  • Praying for you!

  • Sarcoids just doesn''t play fair. We seldom "look" sick so it's hard for others to identify with what we go through. I just try to show up and do what I can. When I've hit my limit, I stop. I don't feel like I have to justify myself to others.

  • That's really mean and so unfair - you so don't deserve any of that rubbish. I have similar from some of my family. My brother had so many goes at me saying rubbish like "start thinking about others, stop obsessing..." and "go out into the sun, you'll feel better". Great. But then he got piles and he moaned and moaned and moaned and moaned - and hassled the docs, and hospital and on and on and on... When the boot is on the other foot people tend to think differently!

  • Peter my brother said they was blocking me because I was drug talking I never said anything about what kinds of medicine I take I was saying I missed my sissy we had a house together for 20 years and its hard to go home and be in the silence house and our dog walks around the house all night looking for her to brush him and give him hugs like she has done for nine years. They just don't understand my sister was on life support we live in Alabama and was on vacation when she got sick was on life support and then they took her off I watched her suffer for another nine days every time I close my eyes I see her suffering but they was not there for that part only mother and me and it hurts .. then to top it of her son keeps telling me I killed my daddy because daddy told me he did not want on life support and I did not go against his wishes then I had to take his mom off so know he keeps telling me I killed my dad and now I killed his mom I am so lost and confused but I know my sister would not want to be on a machine for the rest of her life I'm sorry for the long letter but I feel like I'm able to my sarc family and y'all will

    not judge me thanks for listening love yall lost in Alabama your sarc sister.

  • Patricia sending you lots of luv, & hugs...people all mourn differently some cry forever, some drink, some point fingers, please let it go as hard as it is try to remember your sister as the one you shared & cared for....people sometimes don't want to know whats wrong with us or why its too much for them to absorb & they are intimidated with the continuous medical ups & downs of our illness...& may be he is not as strong as you, he too just lost a sister, you have been through so much medically yourself, it may be too over whelming for them....but I do have to say not nice....I do not post any sarc info on my page only to my sarc family page, it's just not for the family or many aquaitances, I have on fb so to me it works letting it out talking about things & just anything goes to the sarc family they can relate, remember we are here & we can handle it& sometimes we are feisty too but human we are...you had big decisions with your sisters health & if any one knows the Lord does for sure you were a fantastic sister & he guided you, so my friend hold the good memories in your heart let the words of your brother be just that words, one day at a time, put your energy into your life & needs, you are loved, I would give anything to have a sister like you!!!! hugs!

  • I grew up in Alabama. All of my family lives there except hubby. Hope you pain is better tonight, Patti!! <3

  • ya know things are so easy for some people when they have not stood in your shoes. each one of us have things to work out . just breath an take one day at a time . facebook is not your life with your family maybe some time you can talk to them an work it out, an its ok to be blocked . now ya dont have to worry about saying something ya need to say. blessing to you an healing for your broken heart.