Hey I have a question does anyone have any other auto immune diseases that...

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  • In 1995 a year before my diagnosis this happened to me. All blood work was negative. Pcp said it was stress. It last a couple months than was gone until 1998, when I had a major flare that they could diagnosis. It stinks' because this is when some people give you a hard time ie: stress. Hang in there, get enough rest and watch the salt intake ;)

  • Thanks. Ya my onset of original symptoms came on in highschool like 05/06 after a highly stressful event. Mildly on and off for about 2 to 3 years. But this is much more escalated in the degree of severity for me at least. I feel like a cry baby and my family doesn't understand. Thinks its in my head and its making it worse when I try and figure out what teats I need to ask for because I dont feel the drs even care if they cant see proof in tests. Despite the details you give and symptoms that all match up. Im not diagnosed with anything at this point as far as autoimmune. My baby sister has hoshimotos disease. And 2 of my cousins on my dads side. But noone has any other autoimmune diseases. They however have alot of symptoms. But they take pain pills and are fine with that option. However I want to be able to stay away from them. I give in on bad evenings however. But im hopibg there is something more effective for whatever this is.

  • Sarah, I'm not an expert, I have had this problem for 19 years. I do know there are some diet changes that help. Low sodium, any type of berry ( anti oxidant), try to stay away from white sugar or reduce the amt., get in omega fats. Look up anti inflammatory diets for more tips. They do help. BTW my Rheumy does not say I have Lupus. She calls it a connective tissue disease. ;) just don't give up!